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I’m now 18!

Today had to be the best day and pretty much for one reason. It was my 18th BIRTHDAY!! When I got to classes I went as though it like it was a basic day. As a group of us were talking birthdays came up and then when people realized it was my birthday they congratulated me and immediately the jokes tarted flowing about me being 18 — being able to vote, buy a lottery ticket, open a bank account etc. They were all in good fun and pretty funny so I didn’t mind them.

When I got home, I studied for a couple of hours before running to the store and getting food for my small birthday party. That night Granny, George, Parker and Mason came over and we just had a small little get together. it was nice to just hang out with family and friends and take a break from law school for a night. It was also bittersweet because I was no longer a kid. I was now an adult.

The final thing I did that night was watch a movie I had wanted to for a long time but just never got around to it, Singin’ in The Rain. This movie is a musical with a lot of great songs like Make Em’ Laugh, Good Morning and Singin’ in the Rain. This was a great movie and I was happy that I was able to see it.


Today was Friday! As the saying goes, “thank God it’s Friday.” After a long, tiring, exciting and stressful week I was ready to finish the week and take a short break before preparing for week two. Today was a little interesting in between classes because on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have Legal Methods sandwiched in between Property and Torts but on Fridays I don’t. So I have around a two hour break in between classes and that’s great because that allows me to “catch my breath” so to speak and just relax and prepare for the next class.

Today during the break Audrey, Dustin (two classmates of mine who are in the same study group as me) and I walked to the Tropical Smoothie to get some breakfast as none of us had eaten that morning! At Tropical Smoothie we ran into a student named Alex from another section and we had a great conversation about our professors, classes and the law school experience in general. It was really nice being able to talk to fellow students about the experience we’d been having and just allowing the stress to wash away from us for a bit.

Tip of the day: Be prepared for everything!

The second day of law school is in the bag! It was another day of stress with an influx of knowledge! Today was the first day of Contracts class which may be my second favorite class behind Property because the concepts are making sense to me. The teacher seems to be very helpful so far.

Civil procedure was definitely very interesting because the first thing the professor did when she came into the room was call a person’s name and told him to brief a case! That was a shock to us because we didn’t even have the book for the class! We all felt so sorry and scared for that person and ourselves all at the same time! Then suddenly, the professor reveled she was joking! Phew!

That’s one thing I’ve learned really quickly in law school. You have to be prepared for being called on at any time. What makes law school different from typical college classes is that professors use the Socratic Method. That means, as derived by the great teacher and philosopher, Socrates, they teach by asking questions over and over and over.