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All the tickets!

On gameday, I was definitely hoping the team would be able to beat the Iowa Barnstormers so that we could get closer to locking up a playoff spot and beating on Tampa and New Orleans for the three and/or four spot. As Alec, Adrian and I were unloading the carts full of promotional items and sodas and I told them what happened to Dad and his job. They both said that that was bummer and they understood what how difficult that might be for Dad because their dads had lost their jobs at some point too. So it was nice to be able to talk to them about that.

While all of us interns- Frank, Alec, Marshall, Jorge, Danielle, David and I- unloaded the storage room in the away team locker room of the promotional items and table and chairs, Adrian was talking to the Iowa equipment manager about them getting out of the locker room after the game quickly. The Iowa guy said that they should be out of there in no time because when the team loses, the coaches basically go in and say, “ok, we suck get on the bus.” The Iowa manager also said that this last week had been literally the worst practice he has ever seen in his days involved with football. He said the game would probably be a a suckfest for Iowa and that we would win!

After setting up the chairs and tables in the Coors Light Lounge, a couple of us threw the ball on the field for a little bit after we set up the big banners and smaller banners which was fun.  While we were waiting for dinner in the Green Room, after we ate dinner, Adrian came by and touched base with all of us to make sure that we all had things to do before and during the game.

Danielle and I handed out tickets again this week and there were not as many people who were coming to get free tickets as last week. After we handed out tickets through the first quarter, Danielle and I went to the field and helped there. The game was a lot of fun to watch and work. What made it especially great was that the Predators won! We are working are way to the playoffs!

Yes… Ironic

This last week at work has been very crazy. I went to practice early on Wednesday morning and after I was at practice for around two hours before I was asked by the head athletic trainer to go pick up a player at the apartments and take him to the doctors for his exit physical. Players only get exit physicals when they are getting cut so it was a little awkward driving him around while I was still working for the Predators. That uncomfortable feeling is probably why the staff has interns drive players around when they are getting released.

So I drove him to the doctors and we were there for about an hour waiting for him to get his physical. After I dropped him back off at his apartments I got a call from Dad and he sounded very nervous and uneasy. I asked him what happened and he said that his whole department had just been laid off and he needed me to come and pick him up! After I picked him up he answered a couple phone calls from former employees and fellow employees. I was very upset that Dad lost his job but I knew that it wasn’t his fault. The only reason he got let go was because Rasmussen moved the department to Minnesota.

I was very disappointed though in the fact that Rasmussen did not offer him another position in the college. He spent almost five years there and they couldn’t find another position for him anywhere in the college at any campus. It was just disappointing because he had improved every department and every job he worked at there. As Dad and I drove home we talked about what his plans where, what his severance package was and how the whole thing went down.

After a little while I realized how ironic my day had been. I had spent most of my day driving around a player that was a dead man walking (meaning he was getting cut that day) and took him for an exit physical, then I had to go pick up Dad and drive him because he had just been “cut.” Ironic.

“Pizza! I want the pizza!!”

We ended up losing that game to Jacksonville, which hurt our playoff chances, but we figured that if we won at least two of our last four games we would be able to make it into the playoffs! This week we had a home game and it was a nationally televised game against the Arizona Rattlers, the best team in the country. Our odds weren’t very good but we thought that we had a shot.

Because that game was nationally televised, it was particularly hectic for all of the interns involved with the gameday operations side of things. Before the game, Adrian told Danielle, another intern, and I to sit at a ticket table by the admin desk and handout and distribute tickets to people who had ticket vouchers. We were there from about 5 to 7:30 distributing tickets and it was very crazy because we would have people waiting in line for tickets and we would run out of tickets and have to run and get tickets from the box office! We probably gave out around 300 tickets or so.

The game itself was fun to watch because of all the action going on and I got to be part of several on field promotions which is always fun because you get to be on the big jumbotron and sometimes television! One promotion that I always do is the Hungry Howies Pizza challenge where I go into the stands and deliver a pizza to a random fan. It’s fun to do because fans are always screaming for the pizza and are excited! During the promotion I was about to hand the pizza to this one lady who was jumping up and down to get the pizza and I was about to give it to her, when a little kid came up and took the pizza out of my hand. I was a little shocked but I just went along with it because I didn’t want to take the pizza back from the little kid.

The game was fun to watch but we ended up losing which was very disappointing but I figured that we would lose this game so it was kind of alright. Hopefully though, we will get into the playoffs!