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Just a Day in the Life…

Today was a very interesting and exciting day! Over this last week, everybody at the Predators has been preparing to go on the road and face our rivals, the Jacksonville Sharks and get our fourth win in a row! (We won last week at home!) At practice this past week my new job in the player personal department was to keep tabs on players in the Professional Indoor Football League (PIFL) and create a list of my top 3 players at every position and contact the teams they are on so that I can establish a relationship with those teams. It’s very exciting because I’m learning more about how the scouting side of football works! It’s an important step in my journey to be an NFL General Manager.

While I have been working on the personal stuff, I do continue to go into the office and today was one of the days that I went into the office. Today was a pretty quiet day at the office because we have a away game this week and not many people are calling in to buy tickets, get info about the game etc. The day started off pretty slow and quiet with nothing too exciting happening but it all started getting a lot more interesting when Scott left around noon for the day.

When Scott left, it was Marshall (another intern) and I up front watching the phones and doors if customers came in, Al, Dan and Amanda in the ticket office and Adrian. Soon after Scott left Coach Plank came in to talk with Adrian and check a couple things up on the computer. Because Coach Plank was here, and no one really had anything to do, we all came up and talked to Coach Plank about his time as a player with the Bears and his other coaching jobs in the AFL. It was very interesting.

One story about the AFL was that when he was the head coach of the Georgia Force a play had to be reviewed and the refs went to review it and after a couple of minutes they came on the field and said the call stood. Soon after an coach came to Plank and said that the replay TV hadn’t even been turned on! There was no cable plugged into it! It’s shocking on how inept AFL officials are sometimes!

Player Personal Department? Oooo

Today I went to practice again and I was almost very close to not arriving there on time because I woke up a bit late. Dad and I were able to hustle out of the house and get him to work and me to practice on time.

Before practice I talked with Minh, Omar and Eric (another intern) about what kind of work they do with the team. Along with Dakota, they are part of the Predator’s Player Personal Department. One of the coaches, Sean Coen, is the head of the department and he has the interns calling up players, teams in other professional football leagues and agents asking about players statuses and if they would be interested in either having a tryout or signing with the team. It’s very interesting and cool! These things are what GMs in the NFL do, so I really wanted to get involved with this. I talked to Sean before practice and he said that if I was interested in being a part of the player personal team to talk to him after practice. I was definitely very interested to talk to him.

Practice was pretty simple, it wasn’t as difficult as yesterday’s was because I had learned about the in and outs of practice and today they practiced without pads. Yesterday they practiced with pads. Practice is typically a lot harder and rougher when the players practice with pads because they can hit each other and get physical. Without pads, they really can’t be all that physical. I did the same thing as yesterday in practice, caught balls as they went out of bounds dried them off and then toss them back to Pat, the equipment manager.

After practice while we were waiting for lunch to arrive the players broke off into groups and watched film of practice and game film of the other team to prepare them for this week’s game. I sat and ran the film footage for the quarterback and wide receiver film group while Sean talked with the players about the film. It was very cool being in there!

After lunch arrived and everyone had eaten, I talked with Sean about being on the personal team and he told me that it was very serious work and I have to put a lot of effort into it. I told him that I was definitely prepared to do so. He then told me that I would be probably working with Omar on player personal and that I could start after this week’s game!

Later that day I went to the office and worked with everyone to prepare for gameday. People were calling wanting to buy tickets, bring in vouchers and try to get better seats for the game. It was pretty hectic. My day there was pretty much the same as it always is, I answer phones, talk to and help out customers and go run errands. All in all, my day was pretty low key.

Stay on your toes!

I was so excited to attend practice today! I’m looking to become an NFL general manager and the majority of NFL GMs start as a scout so I thought that going to practice would help start me on my path to become a general manager.

When I was at practice, another intern, Dakota, and I started setting up the field with the Equipment Manager and after we did that the players came out and started to practice. I was very nervous and excited but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so Dakota explained to me that I needed to spot the balls for the players when he would call the plays. I was very confused with how the Predators were practicing because it is different from the NFL so I was having some trouble knowing where to spot the ball and I was slowing practice down. Practice needs to be fast-paced so that players can get a feel for how fast the actual game will be paced and be prepared for it, so it wasn’t good that I was slowing things down.

Shortly after the coaches had a more experienced intern, Minh, and the equipment manager, Patrick, spot the ball and call the plays because they were faster and they understood the pace. The rest of practice Dakota and I would get the balls that went out of bounds, rub them off and toss them back to the team for the next play. After practice I understood better how things were ran and Dakota explained to me a little more in-depth about practices and told me to always be listening and do everything fast. So, the lesson of the day was stay on your toes all the time and be aware of everything.

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome everyone to my new blog! I’ll be chronicling all of my adventures through my life until I reach my goal of becoming an NFL General Manager! Just to introduce myself to everyone, my name is Erik and I am 17 years old, I have already graduated from college with my degree in Business Management and also at 17 I took my first stab at law school. I’m going to take the next few years — get some more football and work experience and give law another shot. So someday, in my early 20’s I hope to graduate from law school with my degree either in Sports Law or Contract Law as I continue to pursue my dream of becoming an NFL General Manager!

Over the year, I finished up my undergraduate degree and started law school and worked as an intern at the Orlando Predators, an Arena Football League team. It has definitely been a very fun and interesting journey so far me. Law school was an exciting experience and you can read lots about that in these posts. The law is an amazing area to study, for sure and I am excited for my next work in that area.

My first big experience out of undergrad was as a sports intern. I have been able to interact with several Predator players, coaches and front office members. Some players I’ve talked with are Devin Clark, Mark Lewis, Dominic Jones, Julius Wilson and many more. I’ve also talked with Coach Doug Plank and several members of the front office as well as the coaching staff.

Usually when I go work at the Predators I go to the office and help out everybody who works there such as the ticket office, the marketing department and pretty much anywhere else. I answer phones, help out customers, run errands to places like the bank, Amway Center, etc. and I do pretty much anything anyone asks me to do. During game-weeks, the office is fairly busy with people calling to buy tickets, schedule events, cutting up coupons and flyers and running errands. I thought that I might change things up and go attend team practices and help out with the team. That was fun! I love everything that I have been doing so far with the Predators and I expect to work game-day operations next year as my only involvement. I hope to be working in a law firm as my ‘day job’ this coming year along with my blogging/writing and my bike rental business EL Bike Rental.