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New Year’s Eve!

Well, this is officially the last time I’ll be writing the date as 2013! I have had a fantastic year, filled with so many great moments and it will definitely be year that I will remember for a long time as it was filled with so many new changes for me. I started Teen Court, started my first job at the Orlando Predators, graduated college  and started law school! Also in this time I formed many great new friendships and connections with wonderful people that I hope will last for a long time.

I had a great New Year’s Eve. We had Parker (Margo’s boyfriend) and Thomas come over for dinner and some New Year’s Eve festivities, where we set off some sort of sparklers and played Monopoly. Monopoly was very fun to play and was very exciting because so many people were cutting deals, trying to avoid bankruptcy and buying property! It was a very intense game, probably the most intense out of any board game that I have played — definitely the most competitive. It probably didn’t help that I was trying to change things in my favor by cutting deals and encouraging people not to accept deals that weren’t beneficial to me. I came close to losing twice but I was able to recover and finished third. So all in all, a good game of Monopoly!

We went downtown for a bit and it was pretty surprising to see that downtown Mount Dora looked like a ghost town! There were a couple places open but usually downtown is pretty busy, even on holidays. So it was mightt weird not to have a lot of people around. We ran, threw the football around on the shuffle board court and Thomas, Benj, Annika and Dad raced across them. It was pretty funny to see Dad try to keep up with everyone!

We raced back home just in time to see the ball drop in Time Square and 2014 began. It was the ending of one era and the beginning of another. To kickoff 2014 we set off some light fireworks and it was a blast! 2013 was a great year and I hope 2014 can be just as good or even better!


Today was Friday! As the saying goes, “thank God it’s Friday.” After a long, tiring, exciting and stressful week I was ready to finish the week and take a short break before preparing for week two. Today was a little interesting in between classes because on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have Legal Methods sandwiched in between Property and Torts but on Fridays I don’t. So I have around a two hour break in between classes and that’s great because that allows me to “catch my breath” so to speak and just relax and prepare for the next class.

Today during the break Audrey, Dustin (two classmates of mine who are in the same study group as me) and I walked to the Tropical Smoothie to get some breakfast as none of us had eaten that morning! At Tropical Smoothie we ran into a student named Alex from another section and we had a great conversation about our professors, classes and the law school experience in general. It was really nice being able to talk to fellow students about the experience we’d been having and just allowing the stress to wash away from us for a bit.

Hey! I know what they’re talking about!

Today was a very good day. I had another day of law school and the classes were Property, Legal Methods and Torts. I got to FAMU around eight and started right away rereading and reviewing the Property and Torts books before classes so that I would be well prepared in case I got called on.

The Property class was pretty interesting  because we talked about the positives and negatives of individual and communal ownership, as well as homeowner’s associations. I’ve had some experience with homeowner’s associations in the past as my family was sued by a ours in Alabama where we have a cabin. The issue surrounded whether or not renting our home was considered commercial or not. In the end, after a three year battle going all the way to the Alabama Appellate Court, we won and we were allowed to continue reading. It was great having that experience because I knew exactly what we were talking about in Property class. Kind of like I belonged!

Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome everyone to my new blog! I’ll be chronicling all of my adventures through my life until I reach my goal of becoming an NFL General Manager! Just to introduce myself to everyone, my name is Erik and I am 17 years old, I have already graduated from college with my degree in Business Management and also at 17 I took my first stab at law school. I’m going to take the next few years — get some more football and work experience and give law another shot. So someday, in my early 20’s I hope to graduate from law school with my degree either in Sports Law or Contract Law as I continue to pursue my dream of becoming an NFL General Manager!

Over the year, I finished up my undergraduate degree and started law school and worked as an intern at the Orlando Predators, an Arena Football League team. It has definitely been a very fun and interesting journey so far me. Law school was an exciting experience and you can read lots about that in these posts. The law is an amazing area to study, for sure and I am excited for my next work in that area.

My first big experience out of undergrad was as a sports intern. I have been able to interact with several Predator players, coaches and front office members. Some players I’ve talked with are Devin Clark, Mark Lewis, Dominic Jones, Julius Wilson and many more. I’ve also talked with Coach Doug Plank and several members of the front office as well as the coaching staff.

Usually when I go work at the Predators I go to the office and help out everybody who works there such as the ticket office, the marketing department and pretty much anywhere else. I answer phones, help out customers, run errands to places like the bank, Amway Center, etc. and I do pretty much anything anyone asks me to do. During game-weeks, the office is fairly busy with people calling to buy tickets, schedule events, cutting up coupons and flyers and running errands. I thought that I might change things up and go attend team practices and help out with the team. That was fun! I love everything that I have been doing so far with the Predators and I expect to work game-day operations next year as my only involvement. I hope to be working in a law firm as my ‘day job’ this coming year along with my blogging/writing and my bike rental business EL Bike Rental.