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Phew! Completion!

Today was very stressful and a bit crazy! I spent most if the day working on a Rules assignment for Legal Methods where I had to read about four to five different cases and synthesize them in order to come up with a rule statement. Yeah, even explaining it stresses me out.

Writing the statement was a bit difficult for me because the instructions were not very clear and I was having a hard time finding out what exactly was needed in the assignment. Eventually though, I was able to get some clarification on the instructions from some classmates and I was able to get the assignment done before the deadline — not a lot before, but before!

Missing Classes Get You a Star

Today was a very interesting day to say the least. Labor Day is coming up so some of my classmates were talking about their plans for the weekend and Monday since we didn’t have class that day. When I was in Property, I noticed that there were about six people missing from class. I’m not sure why they were missing class but I felt sorry for them and just a little relieved. Law school classes are graded on a Bell Curve and attendance is taken into account, so if people miss classes, that gives me a better chance of getting a higher grade than them because they lose points for missing class. The Torts professor was not happy about them missing class so she had everybody who was there put a star by their names. I’m not sure what the stars mean, but it can’t mean anything good for the people who weren’t there.

Woo! Interactive Student here!

Today was probably the best day I have had in class in regards to interacting with the professors. In Property, I answered several questions and I was right on target and I also asked a couple questions that Professor Whitman was happy that I brought up. My confidence has improved a ton from the first week now that I’m starting to get more comfortable and I can really start to tell. Hopefully the professors can too! Torts was also pretty good today and while I interacted more in Property, I did interact a little bit with giving the facts of a case and the issue statement.

Ahhhh… group sessions

Today was a very good day! Around 10 am I got to FAMU where I met with Audrey, Dustin and Cynthia to discuss our briefs and any issues we were having. Dustin and Audrey were not done with their briefs yet, so I felt a little bit better about spending so much time on my brief to get it done. I talked with everyone about how to pinpoint cite cases and while they were not sure either, Dustin had majored in Legal Studies so he presented us with two citation methods to use. I was very happy because I had spent about two hours trying to figure out how to cite the paper.

After studying for about two hours we ran into two fellow 1Ls from sections 301 and 302, Alex and Jason- or Holloway as everyone calls him. We talked with them about several different topics ranging from living situations, the law school experience, classes, classmates and so much more. We probably talked for about three hours and Holloway probably described the group conversation perfectly when he said, “it was a group therapy session.” Since we are all in the same boat it was nice to be able to talk to people who know what you are going through and are able to relate.

Gettin’ into the groove

Today was another good day in the life of Erik. Our Civil Procedure classes for the week had been rescheduled because Professor Smith had things she had to do this week. It was nice because it gave me some more time to prepare for other classes and review materials. Contracts was pretty good today as we discussed several mutual assent cases and Contracts has become a lot more fun to me because the concepts are starting to click more. I’m starting to understand them. I’m also starting to interact more in class which is good because you can’t be a timid law student, or else you will be so nervous you won’t converse with the professors and that drastically hinders the whole learning process. I am definitely learning.

I’m now 18!

Today had to be the best day and pretty much for one reason. It was my 18th BIRTHDAY!! When I got to classes I went as though it like it was a basic day. As a group of us were talking birthdays came up and then when people realized it was my birthday they congratulated me and immediately the jokes tarted flowing about me being 18 — being able to vote, buy a lottery ticket, open a bank account etc. They were all in good fun and pretty funny so I didn’t mind them.

When I got home, I studied for a couple of hours before running to the store and getting food for my small birthday party. That night Granny, George, Parker and Mason came over and we just had a small little get together. it was nice to just hang out with family and friends and take a break from law school for a night. It was also bittersweet because I was no longer a kid. I was now an adult.

The final thing I did that night was watch a movie I had wanted to for a long time but just never got around to it, Singin’ in The Rain. This movie is a musical with a lot of great songs like Make Em’ Laugh, Good Morning and Singin’ in the Rain. This was a great movie and I was happy that I was able to see it.

Procrastination = Bad

Today was very stressful for me. Even though it was a weekend, I was extremely busy with doing the case brief assignment, preparing for a Bluebook citation quiz on Monday, as well as doing the readings for next week. I spent the day procrastinating after each task in the day for a total of maybe two hours and then furiously writing the brief, reading cases, reading the casebook and preparing for the Bluebook quiz. It was very stressful. I finally ended up getting the brief done around 10 pm and I was very happy because now I could take it to the study group meeting and discuss any problems that I had with it. And, I as far as problems go, in my eyes, there are a lot.

First Assignment… yikes!

Today was another day in the life, so to speak. It was a little hectic because I had Property and Torts as well as getting the instructions for an assignment due this weekend! This is my first actual assignment in law school so I’m pretty nervous about it. Actually – a lot nervous. I’m not sure how I will do considering how many of the things we have to do like pinpoint citing, case citing and rule discovery hasn’t been taught to us yet. I feel like I might be behind the curve slightly on this assignment because many students majored in legal studies in undergrad and I didn’t. Hopefully though it ends up being alright.

Unilateral and Bilateral Contracts

This morning I felt a lot calmer than I had the previous morning because I had gotten up much earlier than I had the day before. I got to FAMU and I was able to reread the chapter for Contracts and I felt like I would be pretty well prepared for the class.

In class we discussed several of the contracts cases we had read but we talked a lot about unilateral and bilateral contracts. Bilateral contracts are where both parties promise to do something in the future. Unilateral contracts are where one party will promise the other party compensation after completion of the task. An example of this would be if I offered you $5 to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and you would not be able to collect the money until after you have walked across the whole bridge. I am then obligated to pay you.

That would end today’s legal lesson, I guess. If you liked this post (or others) feel free to unilaterally click on the donate button on the site — funds go to paying off my student loans.