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Tip of the day: Be prepared for everything!

The second day of law school is in the bag! It was another day of stress with an influx of knowledge! Today was the first day of Contracts class which may be my second favorite class behind Property because the concepts are making sense to me. The teacher seems to be very helpful so far.

Civil procedure was definitely very interesting because the first thing the professor did when she came into the room was call a person’s name and told him to brief a case! That was a shock to us because we didn’t even have the book for the class! We all felt so sorry and scared for that person and ourselves all at the same time! Then suddenly, the professor reveled she was joking! Phew!

That’s one thing I’ve learned really quickly in law school. You have to be prepared for being called on at any time. What makes law school different from typical college classes is that professors use the Socratic Method. That means, as derived by the great teacher and philosopher, Socrates, they teach by asking questions over and over and over.