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Phew! Completion!

Today was very stressful and a bit crazy! I spent most if the day working on a Rules assignment for Legal Methods where I had to read about four to five different cases and synthesize them in order to come up with a rule statement. Yeah, even explaining it stresses me out.

Writing the statement was a bit difficult for me because the instructions were not very clear and I was having a hard time finding out what exactly was needed in the assignment. Eventually though, I was able to get some clarification on the instructions from some classmates and I was able to get the assignment done before the deadline — not a lot before, but before!

Confusion and then hilarity!

Today was a crazy kind of day today. It started off fine but towards in the end it was just a little hectic. Contracts was a very fun class today because I started to understand the concepts a little bit better and everything that just started to flow more. It was nice because I was able to participate more in class discussion.

Civil Procedure class went ok, I learned a lot about Federal Jurisdiction and how the court system works there, as well as what kind of cases apply to them. That class I feel like I will have to work a lot harder at because the professor has high standards and civ pro is a bit confusing to me.

Later in the afternoon we had our first Intro to Analytical Skills class and that’s were things got a little crazy. At first everyone in Section 303 (my section) thought we would be in Professor Mitchell’s class but when we saw a bunch of people from Section 302 come in, we knew something was amiss. We soon found out that the classes had been switched and we were now in Professor Neyland’s class. That class went fine and Neyland is a kind of quite funny professor. He seems strict, but fun.