Erik Slaby Starting at the 17 smStarting at the 17 is all about Erik Slaby embarking on a journey of a lifetime at 17 years old; a journey beginning as the youngest law school student at Florida A & M who holds tightly to a lifelong dream of becoming a general manager for an NFL team. Preferably, the Green Bay Packers.

His posts start from the summer before law school, as he lived the life of an intern with the Orlando Predators, a professional arena football team.

Erik is quite an interesting fella. It’s no wonder he’s wow’d many in his path. His attention to detail and mind-blowing attention span appeared at a young age. At nine months old, when most of his peers were rolling over and crawling about, Erik’s mom could plop him on the kitchen counter (unassisted) for a couple hours (literally) while he studied his hands, his surroundings and just took it all in. Erik didn’t realize his wow’ing began at an early age…

Erik’s thirst for knowledge and words also appeared early. Reading at three, then devouring The Adventures of Tom Sawyer at five was just the beginning. On one car trip, having nothing on hand to read, Erik “ate” through the owner’s manual.

Then he discovered history. And the rest, you could say, was history. He couldn’t read enough about the Revolution, the Founding Fathers, all the presidents, the Civil War and more.

Pursuing a law degree seemed natural of course.

This blog is a peek into Erik’s next big leaps. Follow where he goes and keep up with all his adventures. There’s likely to be some wow’s along the way.


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