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Starting Fresh

Moving Forward


There’s a nervous tension in the air. The air is also filled with excitement about what the future might bring and what it might hold. I am excited and nervous for what the future might hold for me as for the first time in my life, I have no set destination with any direction. I am like Jack’s compass in Pirates of the Caribbean that doesn’t point north, but to the thing the holder wants most. I am spinning like that compass, as I’m not sure what I want to do, or where to go, but I have a lot of ideas and plans that I have to figure out.

All throughout my time at Rasmussen College I had a set direction: Finish school, get your bachelor’s degree and then go to law school. Now, I am no longer in law school so my compass has changed. It is no longer pointing in one direction, but spinning in a multitude of directions. I am very disappointed that I’m going to be back for another semester of law school but I already have a few ideas in the works. I have to plan them out a little more extensively, but I have the foundation set.

Right now, I’m going to be focusing on getting a job so that I can pay off my student loans as quickly as possible and start saving some money for the future. Ideally, I’d like to get a job in law firm so that can earn money, while still learning about the law. I’m also going to be working a lot more on my bike rental business, EL Bike Rental, to try to expand it and generate more revenue from it.

A project that I have in the works, is probably one of the most exciting things I’m going to be doing! I’m going to be working on a book about NFL General Managers! I’m planning on interviewing all the NFL General Managers and asking them a series of questions about their job and their life. Hopefully, I will be able to talk to all of the GMs and the book will be a success.

So, while I’m not quite sure what my final destination is and I don’t have everything planned out yet, I have a lot of ideas for projects for me to do. Once I get everything organized and a plan down, I’m hoping that everything goes smoothly from there on out!

ArenaBowl XVI

Today was a very exciting day! Today was ArenaBowl XVI and I had the fantastic opportunity to work at it! During the week leading up to the ArenaBowl, Adrian had sent out a couple emails to all of us interns asking who would be able to work the ArenaBowl. When I saw that email I was ecstatic! I have never attended any championship game for any sports so I was thrilled to get this experience!

When I got to the Amway Center, everyone was running around and there seemed like there were thousands of things to do! It was very hectic and what made it even crazier for us interns was that there were only about seven of us: Alec, Dakota, David, Jorge, Julian and Corey and me. Julian and Corey helped us out before the game but during the game they were going to be up in the press boxes doing media work while the rest of use were on the field. So the game day field crew was short about four people!

Before the game when everyone was working Adrian gave all of us interns official AFL shirts to wear because he wanted us to all look professional and we were going to be on national TV. It was pretty cool!

While we were waiting for the game to start I got the opportunity to talk with Coach Plank about his playing days in college at Ohio State, playing with the Bears, the rivalry against the Packers as well as his coaching experience. It was fun to be able to talk to him about those things and learning what he though about them, especially the Bears-Packers rivalry as I’m a die-hard Packer fan.

Coach Plank said that it was a hard fight every time they played the Packers. “Every time we played them we knew we would be in for a rough fight. Both teams hated each other and it was very physical. It was like a civil war.”

The two teams playing in the ArenaBowl were the Arizona Rattlers and the Philadelphia Soul and both teams played their hearts out. It was a very fun and exciting game to watch. One of the fun things that I got to do was be the pizza delivery guy again! I got to go up into the top section and give a pizza to someone and that was fun because normally those people never get anything promotion-wise so it was nice to be able to give them something in the biggest game of the year.

In the end, Arizona won and they were presented with the championship trophy and it was very interesting to see the presenting ceremony and to be on the field for it! I had a great experience and I can’t wait to be involved in something like this again!

My experience with the Orlando Predators this season has been fantastic! I’ve learned so much about coaching, scouting and the daily operations of a sports team in general from working at the Predators. So many people from coaches to office workers, to fellow interns have taught me so much about the game and working in sports. I would gladly work with the Orlando Predators again given the opportunity!

Day before Law School Begins!

The anticipation rate is rising, my emotions are in flux, my heart is thumping as I realize that my days of freedom have dwindled down to none and this is my last day before law school begins. I’ve been very busy this last week leading up to law school with orientation, meeting classmates, getting books and having a rush of information constantly coming into my head. It’s exciting but also very stressful and overwhelming at the same time. At some moments in the day I wonder if I’m cut out for law school and if I will be able to keep up my classmates and professors, but when I have those thoughts I just look to Grandpa for guidance in everything. I also start thinking of the song from The Lion King, “Be Prepared” because the professors have been saying all week that the number one thing in law school is to be prepared!

Stay on your toes!

I was so excited to attend practice today! I’m looking to become an NFL general manager and the majority of NFL GMs start as a scout so I thought that going to practice would help start me on my path to become a general manager.

When I was at practice, another intern, Dakota, and I started setting up the field with the Equipment Manager and after we did that the players came out and started to practice. I was very nervous and excited but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so Dakota explained to me that I needed to spot the balls for the players when he would call the plays. I was very confused with how the Predators were practicing because it is different from the NFL so I was having some trouble knowing where to spot the ball and I was slowing practice down. Practice needs to be fast-paced so that players can get a feel for how fast the actual game will be paced and be prepared for it, so it wasn’t good that I was slowing things down.

Shortly after the coaches had a more experienced intern, Minh, and the equipment manager, Patrick, spot the ball and call the plays because they were faster and they understood the pace. The rest of practice Dakota and I would get the balls that went out of bounds, rub them off and toss them back to the team for the next play. After practice I understood better how things were ran and Dakota explained to me a little more in-depth about practices and told me to always be listening and do everything fast. So, the lesson of the day was stay on your toes all the time and be aware of everything.