Quick Update!


The days are shorter and the temperature is continuing to drop. It’s Fall here in Florida and Winter is coming in a hurry! Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog and kept you guys up to date on what I’m doing. I was pretty busy this past summer with work, travel and volunteering with the Orlando Predators. Things have calmed down a little bit and I’m hoping I can use this time to get in a better routine!

As of right now, I’m still working at LeadsOnDemand and it has been pretty busy the last couple of months which has been intense. Lately, I have taken on more responsibilities, which is great; I love the challenge. I’m also looking for opportunities in the law field now because I plan to go back to law school in a couple of years. In addition, I’m always interested in opportunities in pro football since my long-range goal is to work in the NFL. Experience in both fields would be invaluable to me.

Because it’s football season and I’m a major football fan, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time following the NFL and NCAA. I’m more of a fan of the NFL than the NCAA though, because the Green Bay Packers are my favorite team. I even own a share in the team! 

There has been a lot of drama this season in the NFL and NCAA with regards to player behavior and it disappoints me that these guys have the opportunity to do what they love doing and they are wasting it by making poor decisions. I’m not sure why so many players continue to make poor decisions and it frustrates me because they have all of this fantastic talent and a gigantic opportunity to do what they love, and they are wasting it away. Hopefully though, all of these issues will be resolved and maybe more players will become wiser because of it. In any case though, I am happy that many of the Packer players seem to have been able to stay away from these sorts of issues as it allows them to live their lives and do their jobs in relative peace.

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