Talent Show!

These last few days have been pretty crazy and busy for my family! Earlier this week, after the “Rain Game” we had Parker, Thomas and Quyen come over and played football in the cold weather. It was awesome! It was about 40 degrees out and there was a decent amount of wind which made it all the more fun. Now I’m sure not everyone there liked playing football in the cold or the rain, but for some reason, I have always loved playing football in the elements. There’s just this certain indescribable aura surrounding it that makes it amazing! I’ve been to a pro football game when it was 20 degrees — in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Playing in that kind of weather would be fun for me.

On Saturday, we had the first Annual Bunk Room Talent Show and this was such a major event for the whole family and The Bunk Room. Margo and Mom had spent a couple months planing and getting contestants for the show and they put a ton of work into it. Not only just planing the logistics, but the marketing, set up and everything!

There were a lot of people at the talent show and Margo had brought in a couple volunteers from Mount Dora and Eustis High School to help us out with selling tickets, selling refreshments and just coordinating everything during the talent show. She even got great people to judge the talent show. The judges were David Oliver Willis, a contestant on season 12 and 13 of American Idol, Cathy Hoechst, the mayor of Mount Dora and Kim Pinson, owner of the Whispering Winds in Mount Dora. The talent show was a big hit! All of the contestants did a fantastic job, everybody helping did a fantastic job. It seems like everyone had a great time.

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