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Phones are ringing. Fingers are clicking away on keyboards. Welcome to The Jungle blasts through speakers over the roar of the crowd. These last couple months have been super crazy for me! I just got a new job working at an internet marketing company, Leads On Demand and just started interning for the Orlando Predators again! My weeks are pretty hectic with having to go to work and intern, but it’s a lot of fun.

The company I work for, Leads On Demand is a pretty interesting business idea and everyone who works there is awesome. There is always positive energy surrounding everyone and that makes working there so much better than if there was no positive energy, or not a lot. What’s also cool about working there is that my dad works there as well! He’s higher on the totem pole than me but that’s to be expected given my very limited experience in the work industry. It’s fun though because I can see him all the time and talk to him whenever I want (as long he and I aren’t busy working!).

Interning at the Predators has been a lot of fun so far this year. The office moved to a new location, the team facility is at a different location and we play our home games at CFE Arena instead of the Amway Center! There are also a ton of new players, interns, coaches and staff members. I am the only intern returning from last year this season, other than Minh who is now an employee, so it is definitely very interesting doing things I’ve done before with a bunch of different people.

So far we’ve played three games and we won all of them! We are 3-0 for the first time since 2005! It’s a big accomplishment as the whole coaching staff, players and people in the office have all helped changed the culture of the Predators around.

On gameday, I try to get to CFE Arena as early as possible to help Amie (my boss) and Mallory (another intern) set up and make sure everything is all ready for the game. Running the promotions during the game is probably the easiest thing, out of all the things we have to do. Once the game starts, everything usually goes pretty smoothly. Hopefully, the Predators keep on winning and get to the Arena Bowl!

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