Family time at the Beach!

These last few days have been pretty awesome! Christmas was a lot of fun as I got to spend a lot of time with family and have a good time. On Christmas morning when we were opening presents, Mom and Dad surprised Margo, Benjamin, Annika and I with a trip to the beach the next day! I was so excited because we hadn’t been to the beach in awhile and I thought it would be a fun trip. Mom also told us that we couldn’t bring any computers with us, which annoyed me slightly as I do a lot of work on the computer. I figured I could be without the computer for a couple of days before I will (hopefully) be back reading law books and using the computer.

The drive to the beach was very interesting because Benjamin was driving down to Madeira Beach (where we stayed), as he has his permit and I was a little bit nervous because I haven’t ridden in the car with Benj driving much. When he was driving and would go 5, 10 mph over the speed limit, or have one hand on the wheel and start talking to people, not putting his sole attention on the road. I would get nervous. Now sometimes I do these things when I drive but I’m not used to Benj driving and I don’t believe that he is experienced enough to be doing any of those things quite yet. I am a terrible backseat driver, I’m told.

When we got to the beach it was late at night so we ended up playing Monopoly the whole night and that was a lot of fun as I have never really played Monopoly knowing all of the rules. I didn’t win but it was fun to play anyway.

We were originally going to go biking the next afternoon but we ended up not going because the bike rental place did not have enough bikes available for us to rent. We walked along the boardwalk at John’s Pass. While we walked on the boardwalk we stopped and watched some fishermen unload their daily catch and sort out all of the different fish out, put them in ice and load them into trucks. It was pretty cool watching that as now I can see how the fish gets to stores, restaurants and packaging company. The smell was pretty bad at first but after a little while, I got used to it.

Later that night, we went to Bubba Gump’s, a restaurant based off of the movie Forrest Gump and I had a great time. It was very chilly that night but it was fine for me because I enjoy being in the cold weather. It’s a nice change from the seemingly constant heat in Florida! The dinner was great and I had an awesome time there with everybody!

I had a fantastic time at the beach these last few days and I’m happy Mom and Dad took the opportunity to take my siblings and I there to have awesome quality family time!

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