Semester Recap!

This has been a very crazy and very interesting last four months of my life! I have experienced so many ups and downs and new things in this journey so far and I’m happy to say that I have the first part of it done. I roughly have about two an a half years left to complete my journey through law school.

My classes, Torts, Property, Contracts, Civil Procedure and Legal Methods, along with Analytical Skills, have demanded a high level of work from me and a lot of discipline. The work level was completely different than anything I’ve ever done, it’s been a lot more difficult because of all the reading I have to do and then the style of writing is different from the type of writing I did in undergrad. Probably the hardest thing I had to do was to stay disciplined and have good time management of all of my work and other activities.

I was not very efficient with my time for the first half of the semester and so much more would have been gotten done had I been better at time management. For example, I did not set up a schedule for the time that I would have to workout so because I didn’t go to the gym very often. I put on about 15-20 pounds in four months. That’s not good. So next semester, and to all aspiring law students, make sure you have a schedule and great time management skills. One professor told me that one problem that lawyers have at first is that they procrastinate a lot. I had trouble with procrastination early in the semester but I think I got much better later in the semester as I was able to understand the subjects better and I had a better schedule.

The exam period was very stressful as I had to basically study everything I had learned so far in a span of two weeks! Together, Dustin, Audrey, Brandon and I studied for all of our exams during that two week period and then when the two week exam period rolled around, we studied very hard during that period of time too. It was very stressful during exams because I was studying all of the time, I didn’t know how I was doing in my classes and I was very worried how my grades might turn out. So far, a couple my grades have come in and I continue to be hopeful that I will be back at FAMU for my second semester of law school!

This semester has been difficult, but a blast at the same time as I have met so many cool people and have learned so many new things!

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