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Hey! I know what they’re talking about!

Today was a very good day. I had another day of law school and the classes were Property, Legal Methods and Torts. I got to FAMU around eight and started right away rereading and reviewing the Property and Torts books before classes so that I would be well prepared in case I got called on.

The Property class was pretty interesting  because we talked about the positives and negatives of individual and communal ownership, as well as homeowner’s associations. I’ve had some experience with homeowner’s associations in the past as my family was sued by a ours in Alabama where we have a cabin. The issue surrounded whether or not renting our home was considered commercial or not. In the end, after a three year battle going all the way to the Alabama Appellate Court, we won and we were allowed to continue reading. It was great having that experience because I knew exactly what we were talking about in Property class. Kind of like I belonged!

Tip of the day: Be prepared for everything!

The second day of law school is in the bag! It was another day of stress with an influx of knowledge! Today was the first day of Contracts class which may be my second favorite class behind Property because the concepts are making sense to me. The teacher seems to be very helpful so far.

Civil procedure was definitely very interesting because the first thing the professor did when she came into the room was call a person’s name and told him to brief a case! That was a shock to us because we didn’t even have the book for the class! We all felt so sorry and scared for that person and ourselves all at the same time! Then suddenly, the professor reveled she was joking! Phew!

That’s one thing I’ve learned really quickly in law school. You have to be prepared for being called on at any time. What makes law school different from typical college classes is that professors use the Socratic Method. That means, as derived by the great teacher and philosopher, Socrates, they teach by asking questions over and over and over.

First Day of Law School!

Today was the first day of law school! I spent most of the day before worrying about my classes and reading my assignment for my classes but even still, I felt a bit unprepared and stressed.

I woke up around 5:45 am and started quickly getting ready and making sure I had everything ready for class before I left. Out of the three classes I took today, Legal Methods, Torts and Property, Property was probably my favorite because the materials resonate with me more and the teacher is fun! It’s the one class that right now seems pretty straightforward and interesting.

I’ve had some experience a couple years ago when my family won a long, drawn out ,property dispute in Alabama, creating legal precedent that’s now used all over the nation. It’s pretty cool seeing our ruling come up in other court cases. It was this court experience that lead all the way up to the Supreme Court Court of Alabama that gave me a taste of what being a lawyer is really like.

When I got home, I studied for a little bit before we went to an event at Skate World for The Bunk Room. I had a ton of fun there because I had not gone roller skating in about seven years and I was very rusty! Also, a lot of my friends were there so that made it even more fun. After rolling skating we went and had some milkshakes to top of the wild and interesting day!

Day before Law School Begins!

The anticipation rate is rising, my emotions are in flux, my heart is thumping as I realize that my days of freedom have dwindled down to none and this is my last day before law school begins. I’ve been very busy this last week leading up to law school with orientation, meeting classmates, getting books and having a rush of information constantly coming into my head. It’s exciting but also very stressful and overwhelming at the same time. At some moments in the day I wonder if I’m cut out for law school and if I will be able to keep up my classmates and professors, but when I have those thoughts I just look to Grandpa for guidance in everything. I also start thinking of the song from The Lion King, “Be Prepared” because the professors have been saying all week that the number one thing in law school is to be prepared!

All the tickets!

On gameday, I was definitely hoping the team would be able to beat the Iowa Barnstormers so that we could get closer to locking up a playoff spot and beating on Tampa and New Orleans for the three and/or four spot. As Alec, Adrian and I were unloading the carts full of promotional items and sodas and I told them what happened to Dad and his job. They both said that that was bummer and they understood what how difficult that might be for Dad because their dads had lost their jobs at some point too. So it was nice to be able to talk to them about that.

While all of us interns- Frank, Alec, Marshall, Jorge, Danielle, David and I- unloaded the storage room in the away team locker room of the promotional items and table and chairs, Adrian was talking to the Iowa equipment manager about them getting out of the locker room after the game quickly. The Iowa guy said that they should be out of there in no time because when the team loses, the coaches basically go in and say, “ok, we suck get on the bus.” The Iowa manager also said that this last week had been literally the worst practice he has ever seen in his days involved with football. He said the game would probably be a a suckfest for Iowa and that we would win!

After setting up the chairs and tables in the Coors Light Lounge, a couple of us threw the ball on the field for a little bit after we set up the big banners and smaller banners which was fun.  While we were waiting for dinner in the Green Room, after we ate dinner, Adrian came by and touched base with all of us to make sure that we all had things to do before and during the game.

Danielle and I handed out tickets again this week and there were not as many people who were coming to get free tickets as last week. After we handed out tickets through the first quarter, Danielle and I went to the field and helped there. The game was a lot of fun to watch and work. What made it especially great was that the Predators won! We are working are way to the playoffs!

Yes… Ironic

This last week at work has been very crazy. I went to practice early on Wednesday morning and after I was at practice for around two hours before I was asked by the head athletic trainer to go pick up a player at the apartments and take him to the doctors for his exit physical. Players only get exit physicals when they are getting cut so it was a little awkward driving him around while I was still working for the Predators. That uncomfortable feeling is probably why the staff has interns drive players around when they are getting released.

So I drove him to the doctors and we were there for about an hour waiting for him to get his physical. After I dropped him back off at his apartments I got a call from Dad and he sounded very nervous and uneasy. I asked him what happened and he said that his whole department had just been laid off and he needed me to come and pick him up! After I picked him up he answered a couple phone calls from former employees and fellow employees. I was very upset that Dad lost his job but I knew that it wasn’t his fault. The only reason he got let go was because Rasmussen moved the department to Minnesota.

I was very disappointed though in the fact that Rasmussen did not offer him another position in the college. He spent almost five years there and they couldn’t find another position for him anywhere in the college at any campus. It was just disappointing because he had improved every department and every job he worked at there. As Dad and I drove home we talked about what his plans where, what his severance package was and how the whole thing went down.

After a little while I realized how ironic my day had been. I had spent most of my day driving around a player that was a dead man walking (meaning he was getting cut that day) and took him for an exit physical, then I had to go pick up Dad and drive him because he had just been “cut.” Ironic.

“Pizza! I want the pizza!!”

We ended up losing that game to Jacksonville, which hurt our playoff chances, but we figured that if we won at least two of our last four games we would be able to make it into the playoffs! This week we had a home game and it was a nationally televised game against the Arizona Rattlers, the best team in the country. Our odds weren’t very good but we thought that we had a shot.

Because that game was nationally televised, it was particularly hectic for all of the interns involved with the gameday operations side of things. Before the game, Adrian told Danielle, another intern, and I to sit at a ticket table by the admin desk and handout and distribute tickets to people who had ticket vouchers. We were there from about 5 to 7:30 distributing tickets and it was very crazy because we would have people waiting in line for tickets and we would run out of tickets and have to run and get tickets from the box office! We probably gave out around 300 tickets or so.

The game itself was fun to watch because of all the action going on and I got to be part of several on field promotions which is always fun because you get to be on the big jumbotron and sometimes television! One promotion that I always do is the Hungry Howies Pizza challenge where I go into the stands and deliver a pizza to a random fan. It’s fun to do because fans are always screaming for the pizza and are excited! During the promotion I was about to hand the pizza to this one lady who was jumping up and down to get the pizza and I was about to give it to her, when a little kid came up and took the pizza out of my hand. I was a little shocked but I just went along with it because I didn’t want to take the pizza back from the little kid.

The game was fun to watch but we ended up losing which was very disappointing but I figured that we would lose this game so it was kind of alright. Hopefully though, we will get into the playoffs!

Just a Day in the Life…

Today was a very interesting and exciting day! Over this last week, everybody at the Predators has been preparing to go on the road and face our rivals, the Jacksonville Sharks and get our fourth win in a row! (We won last week at home!) At practice this past week my new job in the player personal department was to keep tabs on players in the Professional Indoor Football League (PIFL) and create a list of my top 3 players at every position and contact the teams they are on so that I can establish a relationship with those teams. It’s very exciting because I’m learning more about how the scouting side of football works! It’s an important step in my journey to be an NFL General Manager.

While I have been working on the personal stuff, I do continue to go into the office and today was one of the days that I went into the office. Today was a pretty quiet day at the office because we have a away game this week and not many people are calling in to buy tickets, get info about the game etc. The day started off pretty slow and quiet with nothing too exciting happening but it all started getting a lot more interesting when Scott left around noon for the day.

When Scott left, it was Marshall (another intern) and I up front watching the phones and doors if customers came in, Al, Dan and Amanda in the ticket office and Adrian. Soon after Scott left Coach Plank came in to talk with Adrian and check a couple things up on the computer. Because Coach Plank was here, and no one really had anything to do, we all came up and talked to Coach Plank about his time as a player with the Bears and his other coaching jobs in the AFL. It was very interesting.

One story about the AFL was that when he was the head coach of the Georgia Force a play had to be reviewed and the refs went to review it and after a couple of minutes they came on the field and said the call stood. Soon after an coach came to Plank and said that the replay TV hadn’t even been turned on! There was no cable plugged into it! It’s shocking on how inept AFL officials are sometimes!

Player Personal Department? Oooo

Today I went to practice again and I was almost very close to not arriving there on time because I woke up a bit late. Dad and I were able to hustle out of the house and get him to work and me to practice on time.

Before practice I talked with Minh, Omar and Eric (another intern) about what kind of work they do with the team. Along with Dakota, they are part of the Predator’s Player Personal Department. One of the coaches, Sean Coen, is the head of the department and he has the interns calling up players, teams in other professional football leagues and agents asking about players statuses and if they would be interested in either having a tryout or signing with the team. It’s very interesting and cool! These things are what GMs in the NFL do, so I really wanted to get involved with this. I talked to Sean before practice and he said that if I was interested in being a part of the player personal team to talk to him after practice. I was definitely very interested to talk to him.

Practice was pretty simple, it wasn’t as difficult as yesterday’s was because I had learned about the in and outs of practice and today they practiced without pads. Yesterday they practiced with pads. Practice is typically a lot harder and rougher when the players practice with pads because they can hit each other and get physical. Without pads, they really can’t be all that physical. I did the same thing as yesterday in practice, caught balls as they went out of bounds dried them off and then toss them back to Pat, the equipment manager.

After practice while we were waiting for lunch to arrive the players broke off into groups and watched film of practice and game film of the other team to prepare them for this week’s game. I sat and ran the film footage for the quarterback and wide receiver film group while Sean talked with the players about the film. It was very cool being in there!

After lunch arrived and everyone had eaten, I talked with Sean about being on the personal team and he told me that it was very serious work and I have to put a lot of effort into it. I told him that I was definitely prepared to do so. He then told me that I would be probably working with Omar on player personal and that I could start after this week’s game!

Later that day I went to the office and worked with everyone to prepare for gameday. People were calling wanting to buy tickets, bring in vouchers and try to get better seats for the game. It was pretty hectic. My day there was pretty much the same as it always is, I answer phones, talk to and help out customers and go run errands. All in all, my day was pretty low key.

Stay on your toes!

I was so excited to attend practice today! I’m looking to become an NFL general manager and the majority of NFL GMs start as a scout so I thought that going to practice would help start me on my path to become a general manager.

When I was at practice, another intern, Dakota, and I started setting up the field with the Equipment Manager and after we did that the players came out and started to practice. I was very nervous and excited but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so Dakota explained to me that I needed to spot the balls for the players when he would call the plays. I was very confused with how the Predators were practicing because it is different from the NFL so I was having some trouble knowing where to spot the ball and I was slowing practice down. Practice needs to be fast-paced so that players can get a feel for how fast the actual game will be paced and be prepared for it, so it wasn’t good that I was slowing things down.

Shortly after the coaches had a more experienced intern, Minh, and the equipment manager, Patrick, spot the ball and call the plays because they were faster and they understood the pace. The rest of practice Dakota and I would get the balls that went out of bounds, rub them off and toss them back to the team for the next play. After practice I understood better how things were ran and Dakota explained to me a little more in-depth about practices and told me to always be listening and do everything fast. So, the lesson of the day was stay on your toes all the time and be aware of everything.