Unilateral and Bilateral Contracts

This morning I felt a lot calmer than I had the previous morning because I had gotten up much earlier than I had the day before. I got to FAMU and I was able to reread the chapter for Contracts and I felt like I would be pretty well prepared for the class.

In class we discussed several of the contracts cases we had read but we talked a lot about unilateral and bilateral contracts. Bilateral contracts are where both parties promise to do something in the future. Unilateral contracts are where one party will promise the other party compensation after completion of the task. An example of this would be if I offered you $5 to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and you would not be able to collect the money until after you have walked across the whole bridge. I am then obligated to pay you.

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It’s not that important over there, huh?

Today was great and a bit crazy in the morning. I woke up late because my alarm did not go off so I rushed to get out of the house. I like to get to class at least an hour early so that I could read and prepare for class.

In Property, we learned about chain of title and the succession of property but probably the most interesting thing we learned was not about property at all. Let me explain. Professor Whitman has been a professor a very long time so he has several connections across the world. One such connection was his friendship to a British Lord of Parliament, Robert Acton.

A while ago when Professor Whitman was visiting England, Lord Acton gave him a personal tour of the House of Commons as well as the House of Lords and Professor Whitman said that he was able to go where most people are not allowed to go. One of these places was the Victoria Tower. The Victoria Tower is one of the two towers surrounding the House of Parliament, the other being Big Ben, in the tower are the Archives where many important historical documents are stored.

Professor Whitman went up in a very small elevator to the top floor of the tower to the Archives. When he got up there, the archivists gave him documents that they thought that he might like to read. One of them was the original Stamp Act and the other one was the original copy of the Declaration of Independence that we sent over to King George the Third! There was no protective covering on those documents either, so he was actually able to hold the document as if he was King George the Third reading it! I thought that was awesome because I have read a lot about the Revolutionary War and that time period.

Confusion and then hilarity!

Today was a crazy kind of day today. It started off fine but towards in the end it was just a little hectic. Contracts was a very fun class today because I started to understand the concepts a little bit better and everything that just started to flow more. It was nice because I was able to participate more in class discussion.

Civil Procedure class went ok, I learned a lot about Federal Jurisdiction and how the court system works there, as well as what kind of cases apply to them. That class I feel like I will have to work a lot harder at because the professor has high standards and civ pro is a bit confusing to me.

Later in the afternoon we had our first Intro to Analytical Skills class and that’s were things got a little crazy. At first everyone in Section 303 (my section) thought we would be in Professor Mitchell’s class but when we saw a bunch of people from Section 302 come in, we knew something was amiss. We soon found out that the classes had been switched and we were now in Professor Neyland’s class. That class went fine and Neyland is a kind of quite funny professor. He seems strict, but fun.

Case Brief? Good Grief!

Today was another day in the life of a law student. A little stressed and crazy but interesting all at the same time. I decided this week to start getting up a little bit earlier in order to leave around 6:30 am in order to get the library earlier and have more time to prepare for class. I like doing this a lot better because it allows me to get into the mood of law school and just better prepared for class. Legal Methods was very interesting today because Professor Henslee revealed that we would be turning in a case brief assignment this weekend and there would be a quiz on how to properly cite information in law school on Monday. The case brief assignment made me nervous because this would be the first time I wrote a full case brief. Some other people have a bit of a leg up on me because they got legal studies degrees for undergrad.

Interesting but Productive!

Today was another interesting day. I was very tired from working at the ArenaBowl on Saturday and being at FAMU the whole week but I knew it would eventually get better as time goes on. Today Audrey, Dustin, Cynthia and I were supposed to meet at the library for our study group and just discuss everything we had been doing in class and how we might organize things for the future. When I got the library Audrey was already there so we waited for about a half an hour for Dustin and Cynthia but they did not come. We found out shortly that Cynthia couldn’t come because she had car troubles and Dustin wasn’t able to make it because of something. He didn’t really tell us. So Audrey and I just started studying.

When we were studying, we talked about writing course outlines, study materials to use to help better our knowledge of key concepts and what our coursework load might be. Along with talking about those things, we also read our reading for that week and discussed them. Overall, it was a productive day.

ArenaBowl XVI

Today was a very exciting day! Today was ArenaBowl XVI and I had the fantastic opportunity to work at it! During the week leading up to the ArenaBowl, Adrian had sent out a couple emails to all of us interns asking who would be able to work the ArenaBowl. When I saw that email I was ecstatic! I have never attended any championship game for any sports so I was thrilled to get this experience!

When I got to the Amway Center, everyone was running around and there seemed like there were thousands of things to do! It was very hectic and what made it even crazier for us interns was that there were only about seven of us: Alec, Dakota, David, Jorge, Julian and Corey and me. Julian and Corey helped us out before the game but during the game they were going to be up in the press boxes doing media work while the rest of use were on the field. So the game day field crew was short about four people!

Before the game when everyone was working Adrian gave all of us interns official AFL shirts to wear because he wanted us to all look professional and we were going to be on national TV. It was pretty cool!

While we were waiting for the game to start I got the opportunity to talk with Coach Plank about his playing days in college at Ohio State, playing with the Bears, the rivalry against the Packers as well as his coaching experience. It was fun to be able to talk to him about those things and learning what he though about them, especially the Bears-Packers rivalry as I’m a die-hard Packer fan.

Coach Plank said that it was a hard fight every time they played the Packers. “Every time we played them we knew we would be in for a rough fight. Both teams hated each other and it was very physical. It was like a civil war.”

The two teams playing in the ArenaBowl were the Arizona Rattlers and the Philadelphia Soul and both teams played their hearts out. It was a very fun and exciting game to watch. One of the fun things that I got to do was be the pizza delivery guy again! I got to go up into the top section and give a pizza to someone and that was fun because normally those people never get anything promotion-wise so it was nice to be able to give them something in the biggest game of the year.

In the end, Arizona won and they were presented with the championship trophy and it was very interesting to see the presenting ceremony and to be on the field for it! I had a great experience and I can’t wait to be involved in something like this again!

My experience with the Orlando Predators this season has been fantastic! I’ve learned so much about coaching, scouting and the daily operations of a sports team in general from working at the Predators. So many people from coaches to office workers, to fellow interns have taught me so much about the game and working in sports. I would gladly work with the Orlando Predators again given the opportunity!


Today was Friday! As the saying goes, “thank God it’s Friday.” After a long, tiring, exciting and stressful week I was ready to finish the week and take a short break before preparing for week two. Today was a little interesting in between classes because on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have Legal Methods sandwiched in between Property and Torts but on Fridays I don’t. So I have around a two hour break in between classes and that’s great because that allows me to “catch my breath” so to speak and just relax and prepare for the next class.

Today during the break Audrey, Dustin (two classmates of mine who are in the same study group as me) and I walked to the Tropical Smoothie to get some breakfast as none of us had eaten that morning! At Tropical Smoothie we ran into a student named Alex from another section and we had a great conversation about our professors, classes and the law school experience in general. It was really nice being able to talk to fellow students about the experience we’d been having and just allowing the stress to wash away from us for a bit.

Taking a Break

Today was another day of law school and when I woke up I felt the most refreshed than I had since starting law school because I got six hours asleep, while the last few days I’ve been getting up around four to five. When I got to FAMU and began my five minute walk from the parking garage I thought about the two classes I had today and I began to get nervous about the Civil Procedure class because while the teacher is a good teacher, she is very strict. So the first thing I did when I got to the library was re-read the chapters and make sure that I was prepared because I did not want to get called on and not be sure of the answer. Both classes, Contracts and Civil Procedure ended up going fine but I felt a lot better knowing that I was prepared for those classes.

That afternoon I studied for a couple hours at the library and at home and prepared for Torts and property for the next day. When I got home I was ready for a break so I went downtown for dinner at PizzAmore with Benj and Margo as well as Sophia and Caroline, Tre and Thomas, Quyen, Victoria and her sister and one of their friends. It was a pretty fun night as we walked around downtown listed to music and just hung out. It was a nice way for me to relieve myself of some stress.